We offer Creative Financing

A family-owned support system, here to help you move towards brighter future!

“My job is to make selling your home a pleasant, easy transition.” Reddrick Whatley

Passing your home to someone who cares...

Our mission is simple...To buy your home for a fair price, with no hassle or headaches. We will give you an offer fast, schedule an inspection, then close within 30 days.

We are NOT a fly-by-night operation just looking to make a profit at any cost. We are real, kind people that want to help our community by buying burdensome homes quickly and easily.

We are not real estate agents, we are ready to actually purchase your property!

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Get a Cash Offer on Your House!

Why Choose Us


All Cash Offer

You don't have to wait months for financing to go through. We are all cash buyers, which means we can get to the closing table at record speed.


No Contingencies,No Repairs

Don't spend your precious time & money on repairs to your home prior to selling it. We will take your home as-is, with no contingencies.


Close in Under 30 Days

We move quickly. Because we buy lots of homes, we have everything lined up and ready for you. Inspector scheduled, all cash payment, and closing attorney ready to rock.


We are Real People

We are real people with real families. Not a hedge fund looking to bleed you dry. You can count on a fair offer and easy experience.


We Believe in Fairness

We know that life is built around your home. We are here to honor the hard work you have put in, and always give you a fair price.


Easy to Work With

Just like you, we don't want drama! We move through inspections & negotiations quickly. Let's get to the closing table!

My childhood home...

The image to the right is my childhood home. Although it doesn't look like much it holds deep sentimental value, and will always take a place in my heart!

I understand the sentiment behind a home. Home is where the heart is, and it can be difficult to move on... even when it is time to let go.

I support you through this journey and aspire to be a new kind of support system during this change.

Let's take these next steps together, and move on to a better, brighter chapter in your life!

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